TPD A1 Système d'Entraînement au Tir pour Arme de Poing, Carabine & Fusil de Chasse

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TPD-A1 was created as a tool for measuring and monitoring the trigger of a firearm.

It is a high-tech tool that is indispensable for training shooters. It offers a simple and intuitive graphic interface that allows you to select various specific programmes for simulating and monitoring the desired training (training with a blank or loaded weapon).

TPD-A1 is a data-driven approach to mastery. While attached to a pistol or rifle, it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve.

TPD-A1 allows you to perfect all the phases prior to firing the weapon by measuring and displaying the orientation of the weapon on the colour screen and improving the shooter's grip and posture. During the aiming phase, all the movements of the weapon will be displayed, making the shooter understand the most critical phases during the pre-shooting and once the trigger pull has been performed with his own weapon, the theoretical point of where the simulated shot has gone and then the movement of the weapon a few seconds before and after the trigger pull will be displayed.

The TPD-A1 with Patent Pending picatinny rail adapter has been designed to provide the shooter with a quick, tool-free mounting on the weapon by simply pressing the front button and inserting it into the weapon's picatinny rail. One of the advantages of this attachment system is that you can see the results of your shots and the data analysed in real time on the display attached to the weapon, without having to connect any other device. This allows you to concentrate exclusively on the weapon and target during training, without distracting you by looking at the data collected on a separate monitor, thus avoiding dangerous distractions while holding a loaded weapon.

The TPD-A1 also offers a digital bubble/clinometer function that displays both weapon inclinations, Pitch and Rool, with the numerical value of the two angles indicated. The advantage is the accuracy with a tolerance of a tenth of a degree and which can be consulted in all light conditions.

TPD-A1 has been developed with the collaboration of great world champions such as Gianmattia Molina of the BCM team. This collaboration has made this instrument very useful in the extreme discipline of long-distance shooting. Wherever there is a need for absolute precision and reliability TPD-A1 has been there to help achieve the most extreme results. Precision makes the difference and TPD-A1 embodies this concept and has made it its corporate philosophy.